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Terms/Agreement when setting up a profile, and posting it on Woorkprofiles.

By actively choosing to register and create an account and to upload your profile and accepting our terms, you enter into an agreement with Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind AB) with the following content:

The purpose for the user to upload a profile may only be that they are interested in getting a job offer from employers or recruiters or those working in similar services. Purposes other than this give WP the right to refuse publication or delete any existing profile that violates this clause of the agreement.

Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) does not guarantee that you will automatically receive a job offer when you upload your profile. We provide a service where we expose your profile in order for employers and recruiters to find the profiles they are looking for and offer you a job.

Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) cannot guarantee that we can completely hide your profile in all situations. There may be individuals who can identify you without having paid a brokerage fee. This is because if someone can guess your identity, depending on what information you provided in your profile. Our ambition is to hide your identity, but in cases where your identity is revealed,Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) cannot be held responsible.

Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) only publishes the profiles that follow our terms and accepts are privacy policy.The information that you choose to post and share about yourself, you own as a person.
You can at any time after the upload go in and edit your information or delete yourself from our register, and with that, delete your profile from our website. Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind AB), erases your profile permanently and it cannot be re-created.

Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) does not delete an approved profile, that responsibility lies with the person who posted the profile. The profile remains as long as the profile uploader wishes.

The information you post with us must be truthful and verifiable. If Woorkprofiles.com(Newkind Sweden AB) discovers that the information provided is not truthful, we reserve the right to ask you to correct your profile and / or the right to delete it. There is no refund of the amount paid (if you have chosen a public profile).

It may happen that Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) contacts the posted profiles for verification of information.

Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) reserves the right not to publish the profiles that use inappropriate language, inappropriate images, racist content or in any other way offensive. Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) does not have to state for what reason we choose to delete a profile. There is no refund of the amount paid (if you have chosen a public profile).

Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) owns the right to go in and edit profiles, only for the purpose of hiding the identity of the person who posted the profile and possibly in case of obvious spelling errors.

Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) after you have approved our terms, has the right to convey your information to third parties who are actively looking for employees on Woorkprofiles.com, and pays a brokerage fee. When paying the brokerage fee, we share with third parties (the buyer) the information you have provided, as well
as your CV and other documents that you have uploaded in connection with your profile. The buyer is encouraged to use the information only for one purpose (job offer), all other use of the information is not allowed. Regardless, the information provided by us must be deleted within 6 months or when the purpose of the purchase is fulfilled (employment), if no other law prevents deletion. Woorkprofiles reservs the rights to use all gathered information from candidates for marketing this site and its purpose.

In cases where Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) is exposed to a crime (criminal act), which leads to information stored by Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) becoming public, even though all measures have been taken to prevent this, Woorkprofiles.com (Newkind Sweden AB) will not be held responsible for the information becoming public.

Read our privacy policy for full information