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How Do I Publish My Profile?

In this section we are trying to explain every step of the way, when you shall fill in the form for posting my profile.

Section 1

Personal Information

Section 2


Section 3


Section 4


Section 5

Skills & Personallity

Section 1 - Personal Information.


Under "My Account" you will find a section called "START HERE-Publish My Profile Online". Click this and It will take you to the form where you can answer this questions explained here below

My Location

Here you shall state the country you are located in, not the country you are searching for a job in, that comes later on in the form.

My Age

State your age

My Gender

State your gender or if you don't want to pick a mother alternative.

Job Status

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo. If you want to be anonymous don't load up anything here, we will provide a default image in that case.

Upload Your Cover Image

Upload your cover photo, if nothing is uploaded we will provide with a default image. This is not a picture of you.

Section 2 - Education

Highest Level Of Education

State your highest level of education, later on in the form you can state in detail your education.

Educational Orientation

State what kind of educational orientation you have studied.

List of your Studies/Education

Please state all of your education, start with year and the subject. Please state one per row.

Section 3 - Languages

Language 1

State the language you speak best

Level/skill Language 1

Please select skill level of language 1

Language 2

State the language you speak best

Level/skill Language 2

Please select skill level of language 2

Language 3

State the language you speak best

Level/skill Language 3

Please select skill level of language 3

Do you speak more languages?

Please state if you speak more languages then stated above.

Section 4 - Experience

Do you have professional Experience

If you are searching your first job, then choose that you Donta have experience, If you have professional experience, stat that and in the next select box you will be able to state years of working experience.

Years of Professional Experience

Please select years of professional experience

Form of Employment

Please choose the form of employment you are looking for

Full time or Part time

Choose what you are looking for

I want to work in this industry

Please select industry. If you don't find your industry, choose the first option and in the next text box please state the missing industry.

I want to work as/with

Please choose the title/job/area that you want to work with. If you don't find what you are looking for, choose the first option and fill in the title in the textbox.

Remote work

If you choose "Only Remote", you don't need obviously to choose location, but if you choose "Hybrid" or "On site" you must specify country and region.

Contry and Region

If region doesn't matter, please choose "No specifik Region", but if you want to specify the region, please pick the region.

Section 5 - Skills & Personality


In this section you must give 5 of your skills and give them a value in percentage of your ability in performance.


In this task, we would like you to rank your 5 most prominent personal characteristics, with 1 being the most prominent and 5 being the least prominent. If you would like to, you have the option to rank 10 personal characteristics, from 1 to 10. This exercise can provide valuable insights into your strengths and help you to communicate them effectively in different situations.

Upload your CV

The Uploaded file should not be more than 6Mb in file size. You can only upload 1 file, if you have several documents, please ZIP them to one file before loading.

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